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Our group believes that distributed learning better suits Jack’s plan in terms of access. First of all, he can has his own time outside fixed working time, so that he could arrange all his classes to work with his schedule. Since Jack also owns a car, he could either take night face-to-face classes or take online classes after off work. Even though time seems to be more flexible with open learning classes for Jack, we believe that the flexibility of the entire class time frame would possibly put off Jack’s studies plan. For example, he may choose not to study for a day just because he feels tired or gets a “hung out” call from a friend. Secondly, he is able to adopt new computer applications quickly and also got fast internet connections and fully functional laptop at home, which would support him with any class materials downloading, and complete any tasks using different applications the professors ask for.  Lastly, with the money that Jack has saved for the last two years and monthly salary from his current job, tuition fees will not be an issue for him if to take most online classes and few classroom-based classes.  For Jack, complete a program efficiently is the first step for him to work in the field he really likes, which we believe it is the priority at this stage, therefore, there must be some sacrifice to make, such as money, free time,  in order to learn what he desired in a short time.